Day 5: Saturday, June 24th

Closing celebration

Saturday, June 24th

Closing Celebration: open for people from outside our communities

So much has happened in the last days. Today we all come together for a last time during this Assembly, and we invite our friends, families, neighbors, everybody is welcome! We celebrate that as people with and without disabilities we are together in the world. 

Practical infos

Zoom link:
Secret code: Larche

IMPORTANT – Notice about Closing Celebration

We want to see you!

We will use the Zoom Webinar format so that everyone can join. This is different to the normal zoom format! So, please do two things:

  1. When you connect, you can only change your name at the very beginning when you connect: So put the name of your community and your country.
  2. When the meeting starts, tick the box which allows you to be a ‘Panellist’.

Watch the Closing Celebration in other languages


Watch the “Invitation to the Closing Ceremony” video below!

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