Day 2: Wednesday, June 21st

Theme: Water

Wednesday, June 21st

Introduction video: Welcome, activities and explanation for the day

For every day of the Assembly we made a video that helps us prepare the day ahead. We’ll present the theme and topics of that day and we take time to pray and meditate. 

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Subtitles for the video are available in French, Spanish and English.

Members on the story of L’Arche today

A lot has happened in the last years with the death of Jean Vanier and all that we learned with the study commission. We would like to listen to each other and speak ourselves: what did I feel? What does is change for me? What should we do now? 

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Subtitles for the video are available in French, Spanish and English.

Meeting on the community on The story of L’Arche and our stories in L’Arche

Look in the Guide (coming soon!) for ideas on activities for your community around the theme of today. 

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Locally in every community – Duration: 1h

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Meeting for the delegates and individual members on The story of L’Arche today and where we go from here

During this meeting we can listen to each other and share what has happened in our communities. 

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Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 814 4070 4830
Secret code: LarcheZoom link will be available here before the event

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Finance Report

The Federation Assembly is also the moment where we talk about money: where did it come from and where did we spend it on? And does this reflect well what L’Arche’s mission? In the report and the video Jacques and Annaïg will give us information about this. 

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Video below is available in English.

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Financial Report

Vote on the Reports

Delegates from confirmed communities and individual members are asked to vote on the Reports. If you have problems with the login, please write us: 

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Open from:

  • 01:00 to 23:59 UTC
  • 03:00 to 01:59 am (day +1) Paris time
  • 21:00 (day -1) to 19:59 Toronto time
  • 10:00 t0 08:59 (day +1) Tokyo time
  • 11:00 to 09:59 (day +1) Sydney time

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Financial Report

News – Day 2

Watch the daily News video to see what happened, and don’t forget to read the daily Newsletter!

Daily Newsletter - Day 2

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You can find a lot of other material that are pertinent for today’s theme on the Resource Gallery.

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